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When deciding on a service provider, consumers typically want to answer, “What’s the best Value for this Service?” And rightly so. A pest control service, however, is different than a commodity, and there can be several complexities about what the best and most affordable pest control service looks like.

For instance, you might think that you received a great deal for residential pest control services in Jacksonville, FL, but then, when you get a few months down the road, you realize that you do not have coverage for carpenter ants, rats, or fleas and ticks. Then, you are frustrated and want to cancel the service but find out you are locked into a long-term contract. 

Here is another example: you contract termite services with a company and pay an annual invoice, but no one shows up to perform an inspection or service. You keep paying the invoice because you want to keep termite coverage on your home, but no one ever shows up. This can be disappointing.

We frequently hear this scenario: “We’re currently using another pest control service. When we called them for a situation, they couldn’t schedule us for 2-3 weeks. Despite years of paying for their services, they struggle to provide timely help. There have been instances of no-call/no-show, leaving me on hold to arrange another appointment.”

We want to ensure you don’t face similar challenges. At Crawford Pest Control, customer service is our top priority. You might wonder, “What sets Crawford Pest Control apart?” Below is a snapshot comparing us to the competition.

What’s ImportantCrawford Pest ControlThe Competition
Local vs National or RegionalWe are truly local, and we only service Northeast FL!Most large companies claim to be local but have been acquired by national and international players. It’s just not the same!
Pest Coverage on Standard Residential ServicesWe offer comprehensive pest coverage, including rats, mice, fleas, ticks, carpenter ants, and more, surpassing the competition.Charge extra for “non-covered” pests like the ones here
Bundled Termite and Pest Control Retreatments at no cost to youOnce you sign up for our CrawfordShield program, you never pay for termite treatments again (for as long as you keep the service.)Other companies force you to pay for a termite retreatment every 5, 7, or 10 years.
Rodent Exclusion Services Provided In-HouseWe have an exclusion division that prevents rodents from entering your home or business. We can stop the problem at the source, not just treat the symptom.Other companies typically do not recommend or provide exclusion services. They just continue to bait and trap (and charge extra) while you continue dealing with the same pest issues year after year.
Fire Ants in the YardWe treat them when we come out for your regular service at no additional charge.
We also offer a truly preventive Fire Ant program.
Other companies treat them only if you pay for them.
Most other companies only provide an ineffective baiting program after the first rain/irrigation cycle.
Transfer feesNO transfer fees. If you sell or rent your home, we will transfer the service to the new resident at no additional cost. It is a seamless process!Most companies in the area charge a new homeowner hundreds of dollars to transfer the service into their name.

Products Used and Efficacy

What’s ImportantCrawford Pest ControlThe Competition
Chemical SensitivityAll products are kid and pet-friendly when instructions are followed, and EPA-approved!Some companies use the wrong products in the wrong areas and might jeopardize the health and safety of your loved ones.
Product Selection and Label RatesBest chemicals in the business at the best rates. We take prevention seriously!They might use a decent product, but usually at a reduced rate. They roll the dice.
Application RotationsWe rotate our products every quarter. Baits MUST be rotated.Most companies use the same chemicals year in and year out. This leads to inferior performance.
Product UsageWe encourage and provide our technicians with enough chemical to treat every customer properly and with enough chemical.Other companies reward their technicians for using fewer chemicals. In the end, this is not beneficial to the Customer.

Customer Service and The Backend Support

What’s ImportantCrawford Pest ControlThe Competition
Online PortalOur customer-friendly service portal is included for free. Request a service, change your payment method, review your service history, etc. Everything can be conveniently accomplished on your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.Only a few other companies offer this ease-of-use service.
Customer CommunicationEveryone has their preference. You can reach us by text, phone, or email.Other companies typically utilize only phone calls and emails.
Customer ServiceNo long waits on hold. We might ask you to leave us a voicemail if we cannot answer, but we guarantee that we will call right back!Extremely long waits on hold.

Residential Pricing

Residential Pest ControlStarting at $35 per month*
Residential Termite ControlStarting at $35 per month*
CrawfordShield Bundled Pest and Termite ControlStarting at $60 per month*
Mosquito ControlStarting at $40 per month*
Fire Ant ControlStarting at $25 per month*
Flea/Tick ControlStarting at $50 per month*

Termite & Pest Control Takeover Options

Termite Renewal – CrawfordShieldWe will install our termite baiting system and pest control program for the price of your existing termite renewal. Show us your renewal letter, and we will match the renewal price for our FULL termite and pest control installation. **
Residential Pest Control TakeoverProvided there are no existing infestations, we will take over your pest control service from a competitor and waive all installation fees. **
Trelona Baiting System takeover – CrawfordShieldIf you currently have ATBS Trelona or Monitoring system installed at your home, we will take over your termite system and upgrade for only $99 down when you upgrade into our CrawfordShield program. **

Discounts Offered

Corporate Partner (employee at a business we currently service)10% off monthly service fee
Military and Law Enforcement10% off monthly service fee
First Responders (Nurse, EMT, Firefighters)10% off monthly service fee
School Teachers and School Staff10% off monthly service fee
Bundled ServicesUp to $10 off per month for bundling services together

*Initial Fees apply and can vary depending upon service type, size of structure, and infestation level.
**Monthly standard service fees do apply.

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“We just received installation of the devices for termite protection and pest control inside our home. Josh showed up on time and was very professional in explaining the process and treatment he was about to provide. My wife was appreciative that he wore a covering on his shoes before coming in. Overall, we are very pleased with the service and explanation of what we should expect from here on out. Thank you, Crawford, and thanks to Josh for being such a professional and courteous representative of the company. We highly recommend them.”

-Matt K. from Orange Park, FL