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Crawford Pest Control is your best residential pest control choice for affordable home pest protection, including a transferable termite bond or warranty, mosquito control, fire ant control, and bundled services. Make an appointment for our trained experts to:

  • Inspect the interior and exterior
    • Inside – Kitchens, bathrooms, washer-dryer, bar, water heaters, plumbing entry points, attics, crawl spaces, cable plates, outlet covers
    • Outside – Doors, windows, roof, sidewalls, drains, and gutters to check for nests and holes where pests hide, and flower, plant beds, and drainage areas
  • Prepare an estimate for treatment and elimination, control, and preventive maintenance.
  • Outline a Protection Plan and options to control and eliminate pests.
    • Pest Control
    • Termite Control
    • CrawfordShield
    • Mosquito Control
    • Fire Ant Control
    • Bed Bug Control
  • Provide pest control or termite control as part of our regular maintenance program
    • Our Recurring pest control program includes
      • An initial comprehensive treatment to the interior of your home, including dusting of all cracks, crevices and plumbing voids for the control of all common insects and baiting of all heat and water sources for the control of pests and treatment for any active pests. In addition to the above interior treatment, we also complete the below exterior treatment on the first service.
      • A recurring preventive service on the exterior, including removal of wasp nests, mud dauber nests and spider cobwebs from your home, long-term dusting application to the exterior of your home for common insects, treatment to all active fire ant mounds within 20’ of your home, and a preventive application of liquid or granular product for the long-term control and prevention of pests.
      • Service calls in-between service for no additional charge. 
    • Our Termite treatment and termite warranty programs include initial comprehensive termite treatment with Trelona® bait stations or Termidor® liquid application for the control, elimination and prevention of subterranean termites in accordance with local, state and federal laws and in compliance with label guidelines from the manufacturer.
      • Retreatment Warranties available and Termite Repair Bonds offered for homes that qualify.
      • Annual or Tri-Annual Inspections available depending upon service package (Termite warranty vs. CrawfordShield warranty.)
    • Our CrawfordShield bundled package is not only the best program we offer for homeowners… It is also the best package in the industry. CrawfordShield includes the benefits of our Termite Warranty program and our Recurring Pest Control Service all in one package at a reduced rate!!

  • Call us to get rid of your pests! Scroll down to learn more about them.


Pesky pests can get out of control easily. It’s important to know what kind of pest control is best for your situation. We’re the experts, so don’t wait too long to schedule an inspection or more damage can occur. Pests can be very destructive and attack you or your animals, eat your walls or feast on inside garden plants, and infiltrate foundation structures, walls, and windows of your home or business. We physically and chemically remove and maintain pest-free zones so you can provide a healthy environment for you, your family, and pets to live, work and play in.

Pests can:

  • be annoying, become a nuisance, and extremely harmful 
  • carry parasites, allergens and disease, such as encephalitis, dengue, West Nile Virus, Zika
  • be very destructive and create extensive and expensive damage to the foundation and structure of your home, especially termites and rats
  • eat stored food in your cabinets (grain, rice, biscuits) and contaminate stored food with feces
  • eat clothing in closets, stored in the attic or under beds, even in drawers
  • bite (bed bugs, mosquitoes, mites, fleas, louse, flies, rats, and mice) and possibly cause infections
  • wreak havoc in your home leading to an unhealthy environment, such as cockroach infestation

Not all pests are harmful. We help identify pests and custom-design an Integrative Pest Management (IPM) treatment and control plan to get rid of them that’s safe, effective, and affordable. We’re a licensed Florida pest control company that you can count on to be dependable and use eco-friendly products. Call us today!


We’re an authority on termites. The key is to find, remove and eradicate them as quickly as possible before they:

  • damage your home structurally by eating the cellulose in wood, hollowing out holes in flooring, chewing through sheetrock and feeding behind walls and around window frames (look for wood dust, crumbling wood, peeling paint, mud tubes or hollow-sounding wood if you tap it)
  • nest and swarm inside your home leaving telltale signs such as old termite wings 
  • leave mud tubes (subterranean termites) when foraging for food

Just because you don’t see termites doesn’t mean you don’t have activity. Be proactive to ensure your home or business investment is safe and secure from termite damage. When you see termites, damage may be already on the rise – so, a program of termite detection, treatment, and control protects the value of your home and business. Ask about our Termite Protection Services and Termite Bond today – and, yes, it’s transferable! If you see one, call us ASAP! 


Florida mosquitoes can drive you crazy all year round, especially near wetlands or standing water. They’re attracted to body odor, the CO2 we exhale, bacteria (even between your toes and under your arms), and your skin – they love a blood meal! Their itch alone can drive you nuts, and swatting can be tiresome. These female biters can be extremely harmful and cause:

  • Zika virus, yellow fever, West Nile, and Chikungunya virus (transmitted through a single bite)
  • trigger allergic reactions and emergency symptoms
  • infection (look for blisters, bumps, then redness, swelling, soreness)
  • early reproduction from excess rainfall and warm, moist areas, and water retention areas or pools of water next to your house or business, which ensures breeding resulting in nasty bites even through light clothing, especially dark colors
  • multiple bites from each mosquito until they’re full — then, they rest and lay their eggs

We encourage clients to plant natural scents next to the home, near the porch or windows, to repel these pests, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, basil, neem, and lavender. You can buy citronella candles, bug zappers, torch lights, and bug spray – but, you need a Mosquito Treatment and Control Program to remove, eradicate and prevent these nagging pests. We:

  • assess your site and target high-risk areas
  • consult with you on how to prevent mosquitoes
  • find the breeding sources
  • eradicate targeted sites (resting locations) to stop larvae growth and kill existing mosquitoes by reducing and eradicating the population

Our goal is to protect you, your family, and your pets with environmentally-friendly solutions. Ask about our Service Guarantee. Call us today!

Fire Ants

One ant – small or large, Odorous House, Carpenter or Red Imported – can lead to an infestation. Some are simply a nuisance and others dangerous. We bait their trails and mounds to eradicate and destroy their nests. The ants can reside on your porch under a terracotta pot or next to your house in tiny open places, where they eat just about anything. Some survive flooding and other species are extremely troublesome to seniors, even fatal. The venom is introduced by a  sting or bite, which in some cases may cause anaphylactic shock. Let us give you an estimate to eradicate this pest, especially in the summer months, and keep it away for good. Ask us how we can help you rid your spaces of Fire Ants and other species, too! 

Bed Bugs

These parasites are particularly worrisome. Their hiding places are in the dark corners of your mattress or down deep into the box springs, even under or in sofa pillows and folded creases in upholstery. Hard to see, they can bite causing swelling and stain leaving telltale marks on fabric, even on walls. We:

  • identify the bed bugs and develop a treatment plan
  • consult with you on how to prevent bed bugs when traveling and review the preparation sheet
  • treat infested and high-risk areas to exterminate them
  • offer a complimentary warranty for services
  • return at no cost if bed bugs return during the warranty period.

Don’t wait for them to spread all over the house. Call us today so we can begin treatment and control of bed bugs and get rid of troublesome bed bugs once and for all in your home!

The Very Best in Home Protection

The best home protection packages we offer are The CrawfordShield, which bundles services and saves you money,  The Home Termite Treatment & Transferable Warranty, and Our Residential Pest Control Service. These are our most popular services allowing you long-term pest control of your home and keeping you from pest damage, which can lower your home’s value.

Get ahead of pest infestation with integrated pest management or IPM to maintain your home investment. Identifying and eliminating pest sources can control mosquito-borne diseases, including viruses in and around your home, and to protect the health of your family and neighbors. 

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“Chad took great care of us. We got a great price and quick service on termite bond and regular pest control. He also knocked out a sugar ant and carpenter ant problem that we were previously dealing with for months.”

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