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What makes the most affordable pest control company different and unique? How do you choose the best termite treatment and warranty company for you or your business? Is there a difference in how a company treats your yard for fire ant elimination? If you have hired multiple companies to treat and prevent mosquitoes from your business, but they just haven’t worked in the past, why should you trust that mosquito treatment and control will be any different from any other company? Why go through the pain and effort of switching?

The number of pest control companies in Florida alone is staggering. You have large international and national players,  small to medium-sized businesses, and local mom-and-pop companies, but how do you determine which one is right for you when there are thousands to choose from? How do you know that you are getting the best pest control company for St Johns, FL, and why do they have the best transferable termite warranty in Jacksonville, FL

At Crawford Pest Control, we understand that selecting the right company for the job is difficult. We believe that the most critical components of a successful pest control partnership program include the following.

This page highlights the Company’s pivotal role in supporting our Technicians and adding value to your pest control prevention plan. Beyond a skilled Technician and competitive pricing, a strong Company is crucial for service success. Here, we outline our organizational approach to ensure we deliver on our promises to you, our customers.

Answering the Call 

In our society, enduring prolonged wait times, navigating convoluted return call procedures, and encountering ineffective customer service agents have become the norm.

At Crawford Pest Control, we are committed to reshaping this narrative by placing an emphasis on the customer experience. Our dedication is evident in our swift response times to calls – answering almost immediately when available. In instances where we cannot answer, our answering service kicks in within seconds, and we promptly return calls once we conclude the ongoing conversation. Expect a return call from customer service within minutes of leaving a voicemail.

In addition to phone calls, we also offer a text messaging service, where you can conveniently text us at 904-339-4787. You can also reach us through email at And your messages DO NOT go unanswered. We return them promptly. Lastly, we are also available for messaging through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram if you prefer to contact us through one of those channels. 

Investing in the Right Equipment and Fleet

Most companies these days do have a decent-looking fleet. Trucks, vans, and other service vehicles are “walking” billboards, so most companies invest in them. It’s kind of a given. We also outfit our Technicians with reliable vehicles that ensure they can make their scheduled appointments and don’t miss stops due to vehicle repairs. 

Where many companies need to improve is regarding the quality of their equipment. We issue the best pest control near me equipment at Crawford Pest Control. From our practical mosquito control backpacks that provide a ULV mist to prevent and control mosquito populations and our St Augustine termite treatment & warranty drilling and install kit to our electronic backpacks that offer the best pest control for Yulee, FL, there is no other company investing in their equipment the way that we do at Crawford Pest Control. We also issue top-of-the-line foaming machines that allow us to kill fruit flies in commercial kitchens and restaurants, drain cleaning equipment to prevent fruit flies in commercial kitchens in Jacksonville, FL, and Aero fog stainless steel applicators to provide effective and uniform pest control treatment to office buildings in Jacksonville, FL

With the reliable fleet and best-in-class equipment that we use at Crawford Pest Control, there is no match to the best pest control service in Jacksonville, FL that we provide, the most affordable termite warranty and termite treatment in St Johns, FL, and the most effective ant treatment in Yulee, FL. 

Writing Effective Treatment Plans and Protocols

Simply answering the phone and providing a top-notch fleet and equipment for technicians isn’t sufficient. In Florida, where bugs are a common challenge for homes and businesses, our goal is not just to manage them when they appear but to proactively control and prevent their spread. Crafting effective preventive pest control programs and responsive treatment plans is essential. This way, we not only stop pests beforehand but also handle them efficiently if they do show up.

For instance, most companies do not effectively prevent fire ants in your yard. They offer a baiting program every quarter or twice per year. Most of those baits could be more effective, but when moisture comes in contact with the bait, it renders the product useless. However, we use a product called Top Choice, manufactured by Envu. This product bonds with the soil for a year, providing the best fire ant prevention. In addition, if you have preventive fire ant control with Crawford Pest Control, combined with any other service, we walk your covered turfgrass area every service visit to inspect for new fire ant colonies that may need to be treated. Instead of rolling the dice, we prefer to prevent and control the fire ants long term, so you don’t need to deal with the nuisance of these pesky ants.

In addition,  many companies aim to minimize their product usage to maximize profits. However, at Crawford Pest Control, we never do that. We believe that everything else falls into place by taking care of our customers and employees. Our approach is straightforward.

Setting our Service Technicians up for Success

Companies face significant turnover and retention problems when they fail to prioritize their employees’ well-being. In the pest control industry, a common issue causing the departure of skilled professionals is the practice of overloading technicians’ schedules. Many companies tightly pack schedules, leaving no margin for error or adequate treatment time. Technicians rush from one stop to another, compromising the effectiveness of pest control efforts.

At Crawford Pest Control, while we may experience periods of tight schedules during hiring or peak seasons, we avoid consistently packing our technicians’ schedules. It’s crucial to provide room for technicians to deliver quality pest control treatments and thorough termite inspections. We plan ahead and hire proactively to ensure proper scheduling.

Failure to schedule appropriately results in three significant challenges. First, regular service visits are not adequately serviced from the beginning, causing frustration for customers. Second, it contributes to increased service calls, making it challenging to address customer needs promptly. Lastly, technicians’ morale suffers when they are set up for failure daily, leading to a decline in quality and results.

Our commitment at Crawford Pest Control is to meet customer expectations by offering achievable schedules and allowing space for service calls. This approach ensures that our technicians consistently deliver the high-quality service our customers expect and deserve.

Communicating with our Customers

In addition to being accessible during regular business hours through text, phone, or email, we ensure comprehensive communication touchpoints to keep our customers informed. First, two days prior to their scheduled service, we send a notification email to every residential pest control customer. On the day of the service, our Technician will text the main number on file to alert you that we are on our way. Once the service is finished, we provide a detailed pest control service report covering all aspects of the performed service. Our customer portal is available 24/7 for easy access, and even after business hours, you can leave us a message or email, and we will promptly respond when we resume regular business activities

Crawford Pest Control – The Company

There is a lot that goes into an effective pest control service. Although the company is not everything, it is an essential piece of the puzzle, and we take great pride in supporting our Technicians and customers.

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“I recently switched pest control companies for our business from a “big name company” to Crawford. I immediately noticed a difference in service quality, professionalism, and value. There is something to be said about a family business when the owner shows up to meet you and introduce your tech to you. Highly recommend!”

– Burke B. from St Johns, FL