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Comprehensive Commercial Pest Control in St. Augustine, FL

Tailored Pest Control for Business in Jacksonville, FL

We provide superior and cost-effective Commercial Pest Control, which includes rodent and rat control, fire ant, termite, fly, and mosquito control for small-to-large clients as part of our pest control services. Crawford Pest Control experts are specially trained in eliminating rats, mice, and cockroaches. We have years of experience in thoroughly inspecting, recommending, treating, and maintaining a pest-free environment to protect you, your staff and valued customers.

We’re proud to serve the following Industries with Commercial Pest Control

  • Commercial Manufacturing & Logistics
    • Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution Centers
  • 3rd Party Audited Accounts/Food-grade Facilities
    AIB, SQF, BRC, Silliker, GFSI, ASI, etc.
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Educational Facilities
    • Private/Public, PreK-12 Institutions, Colleges/Universities, Technical Schools
  • Corporate Offices/Parks
  • Medical/Healthcare
    • Hospitals, Physician Offices, Senior Living/Nursing Homes/ALF, Surgical Centers, Rehab 
  • Financial Institutions
  • Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Spas
  • Hospitality, Recreation & Entertainment Venues
  • Property Management
    • Multi-Family- Apartments/Condos/HOAs
    • Retail, Offices/High-Rise/Standard
  • Restaurants/Commercial Kitchens
    • Small-to-Large Establishments, Chain Affiliations, White-Tablecloth
  • Government
    • Federal, State, Local Facilities
  • Day Care/Respite Facilities
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Churches/Religious Organization, Social Services, Other Non-Profits
  • Self-Storage Facilities

We offer a standard and customized approach to Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Every business and each structure is different. At Crawford Pest Control, we take a customized approach to commercial pest control. Our standard program includes rodents, ants, roaches, wasps, mud daubers and occasional invaders. Depending upon your industry and needs, we can incorporate preventive fly control, fire ant control and bed bug services. 

Although some commercial clients have only interior space, many clients have both interior and exterior responsibilities. Therefore, we begin each service by consulting with key personnel on your staff. We then perform our inspection to identify any activity or potential risks to your facility. After that we will prepare our prescription treatment on your property. We will first treat the exterior, with a full perimeter treatment to control and prevent roaches, ants and occasional invaders. We will knock down any wasp nests and mud dauber nests within reach. Additionally, our technicians will treat any active fire ant mounds within 20 feet of the exterior of your structure to prevent interior activity. Rodent stations will be inspected and re-baited for the control of rats and mice.

After the exterior preventive services, we will then focus our efforts on the interior. We will spend the majority of our time on critical control points, including commercial kitchens, bars, restrooms, patient rooms, guest rooms, storage/mechanical closets, breakrooms, warehouse and production spaces and other important areas. 

Once treatment is complete, we will contact the designated point of contact for your facility, review our findings, recommendations and treatment, and finish the service by completing and submitting an electronic service report. 

Fire Ant Control

While our standard commercial programs include treatments for fire ants 20 feet away from the structure and also includes service calls for fire ants within the structure, our exterior Fire Ant Control program is focused on the prevention of fire ants throughout the year. We apply a fire ant bait twice per year to your desired turf/landscape areas and treat any active fire ant mounds in between services for no additional cost. 

Mosquito Control

Knowing that mosquitoes kill more people every other year than any other animal, it’s important to have a quality-assured mosquito program, and that’s what we have at Crawford Pest Control! Our mosquito program controls both the reproduction of mosquitoes and the elimination of adult mosquitoes to keep your employees, clients, and visitors safe from the diseases and nuisance of mosquitoes. 

Small Fly Control

One of the most challenging pests to control, especially in commercial kitchens, are the small filth flies, which include Black-Eyed Fruit Flies, Red-Eyed Fruit Flies, Phorid Flies and Drain Flies. Our technicians are trained to correctly identify the difference between these flies so that they can effectively eliminate the fly population, apply products to prevent them moving forward and consult with you on how you can help aid in the control of small flies. The most effective small fly control program in commercial kitchens incorporates exclusion, sanitation, physical, chemical and bio-remediation control methods together as one solution.

As part of our small fly program we do offer floor drain cleanings, bio-foam services, and small fly traps. 

Large Fly Control

Large Flies typically do not reproduce inside commercial structures. However, they can live and reproduce on the exterior of your business and cause nuisance and disgust to your clients and guests. That’s where we come in. Our large fly programs begin on the exterior with conducive condition inspections, narrowing the source of fly attraction and reproduction down to critical control points. We then apply baits and treatments in strategic areas to kill house flies on the exterior before they enter the interior. In the event house flies do enter the interior we can arrange fly lights in commercial kitchens or warehouses to trap those flies and prevent them from roaming around your facility.

Rodent Trapping, Prevention and Control

We focus on prevention. Arranging traps on the exterior to prevent rodents and controlling entry points is the key to a successful rodent control program. You cannot afford to have rats on the interior of your business, and neither can we. So, we stop them before they become a problem!

In the event you do have rodents infest the interior of your facility, our experience in rodent management qualifies us for the effective and inconspicuous removal of rodents from your business. 

Termite Treatments and Warranties

Did you know that termites cause more damage per year than all-natural disasters combined? It is estimated that termites cause over $5 billion in damage each and every year. Our treatments include Trelona® bait stations and/or Termidor® liquid treatments to control and prevent subterranean termites. We follow those treatments up with annual termite inspections and warranties for your peace of mind. Let us focus on termites so you can focus on your business. 

Bed Bug Prevention and Control

For hotels and healthcare facilities, bed bugs can be a challenge. Not only do we have effective treatment programs to eliminate bed bugs from your business, but Crawford Pest Control also offers service programs to prevent bed bugs from infesting your guest or patient rooms.

Spider Removal and Treatment

Preventing spiders can be a challenge for most companies. Here at Crawford Pest Control, we apply products in the smallest of cracks and crevices where spiders tend to hide. We then remove unsightly cobwebs from the treatment areas.

Bird and Bat Remediation

Bird and bat feces both contain diseases that are harmful to humans and pets. Additionally, these animals can cause destruction of property and cause unsightly messes. We can remove bird and bat infestations from your property and prevent them from returning. 

Commercial Pest Control clients receive Electronic Service Reports, Trend Reporting, Logbooks, and an Online Customer Portal as value-added benefits

Electronic Service Reports

Our detailed service reports for Commercial Pest Control clients include everything you need to record from our treatments, including time in/time out, service materials applied and where, stations installed, or checked, pest activity identified, recommendations for your property, and service notes by your technician.

Trend Reporting

In the event you need trend reports for your 3rd party audit or for your health inspector, we can download these reports and distribute them as necessary to you.


Service logbooks are critical for some businesses including hotels, senior living facilities and audited accounts. Our logbooks contain all things necessary for audit or facility compliance.

Online Customer Portal

Our client portal gives you access to your account. After login, you can access your service report history, invoicing and account balance, photos on account with descriptions, graphs as necessary, contact info, communication preferences, and much more.

We have the experience and expertise to solve the most challenging pest infestations in any commercial structure. Our focus at Crawford Pest Control is on the prevention and elimination of pests. Let us handle your pests so that you can focus on your business. 

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